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Viega Profipress gas copper press fitting wall disc (DVGW)

Viega Profipress gas copper press fitting wall disc (DVGW)

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Viega Profipress gas copper press fitting wall disc (DVGW)

Item description:

- Gases according to DVGW worksheet G 260 in gas installations according to DVGW-TRGI 2008 (DVGW worksheet G 600) / DVFG-TRF 2012

- Liquefied gas in the gas phase for domestic and commercial applications, tested according to DVGW worksheet G 5614

- Heating oil pipes for heating oil according to DIN 51603‑1

- Diesel fuel lines for diesel fuel as suction and pressure lines according to DIN EN 590, taking into account the general building authority approval Z-38.4‑71

- COPPER TUBE with  Gas approval: Please note  You, don't  all copper pipes with DVGW certification  are also for  Gas pipes approved.

-  Press connector: All sizes with SC‑Contur (V-Contur press jaws) – connections that were accidentally left unpressed during assembly become visible when the system is filled. The SC‑Contur is certified and meets the requirements of the DVGW worksheet G 5614, point 4.4.1, connectors with forced leakage. For leak tests with water, Viega guarantees the detection of unpressed connections in the pressure range of 0.1 MPa - 0.65 MPa, and for dry leak tests with compressed air or inert gases from 22 hPa - 0.3

- Marking yellow dot, yellow rectangle and inscription "Gas MOP 5 / GT1"

-  Areas of application natural gas/liquefied gas heating oil/diesel fuel (d 12–54)

Note For use in installations for gas, heating oil and diesel fuel systems, only Viega copper and gunmetal press connectors that are marked with a yellow rectangle and "Gas MOP 5 / GT1" are permitted! The use of the system for areas of application and media other than those described must be coordinated with the Viega Service Center. 

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